ROMPCO is influenced and governed by several stakeholders, all of which have varying roles and relationships with the company. Our governance is embedded in one of ROMPCO’s values, Stakeholder Centricity: Delivering solutions in a manner that incorporates the needs of each relevant internal and external group.

ROMPCO’s Stakeholders

Act as the owners of ROMPCO, providing strategic direction and oversight in the best interests of the company.
Provide strategic direction and oversight to ROMPCO to ensure it operates according to its mandate and its strategic objectives are met.

Define the regulatory universe within which ROMPCO operates, to ensure operations which are fair, equitable and beneficial to ROMPCO and its stakeholders.

Act as the driving force to ensure safe, reliable and efficient operations and maintenance of the ROMPCO MSP pipeline on a day-to-day basis.
Purchase gas transmission services from ROMPCO through Fas Transportation Agreements.

Act as the driving force to ensure execution of all management services activities as well as suitable coordination and oversight of operations activities.

iGas Directors

Dr Ishmael Poolo

Ms Nolubablo Sondlo

Ms Ditsietsi Morabe

CMG Directors

Mr Rudencio Morais

Ms Lina Aiuba

Ms Mayisha Mangueira

Sasol Directors

Mr Amu Hlaisi

Ms Gosiame Khoele

Mr Tapiwa Magwenzi

Mr Ovidio Rodolfo

Mlandzeni Boyce

Fathima Ebrahim

Willie van Vuuren
(GM: Corporate Services)

Motlokwe Sebake
(GM: Commercial & Customer Affairs)

Lindiwe Mekwe
(GM: Regulatory & Legal Affairs)

Tomas Oliveira
(GM: Operations)

ROMPCO’s Stakeholders

Sasol Gas Holdings (20%) – iGas (40%) – Companhia Mozambicana de Gastudo (40%)

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