The BRICS network of labour research institutes

The BRICS Network of Labour Research Institutes will meet parallel to the 1st BRICS EWG between 21 and 24 February 2023, the outcome of the meeting will be to develop draft zero of the EWG Priority 3 “Universal access to social protection and ensuring minimum basic income grant”.  


The Research Network is the think-tank that supports the EWG and in this case specifically it is assigned to use its research capacity to spade-work the content of technical document. The drafting of the technical document will be preceded by a series of presentation on research reports that investigated at the impact of Covid -19 on the labour market, followed by research reports conducted on social protection measures adopted to cushion people of working age population against the impact of Covid-19.

The rational for combining the two themes in the meeting is because Covid -19 served as an eye-opener to governments around the world in general and BRICS countries in particular, exposing the gaps existing on social protection coverage which were unnoticed until the pandemic. 


The presentations will be kick-started with the global view on the two themes from the International Labour Organization (ILO) and International Social Security Agency (ISSA). Following these organizations’ presentations, BRICS countries will present their state of affairs on Social Protection followed by presentations made by Research Institutions in South Africa and abroad. The key issues emanating from these presentations would serve as the basis for developing the technical document for EWG Priority 3 which would be further engaged in the 2nd BRICS EWG in May 2023.

2023 EWG planned meetings

The scheduled meetings for the labour and employment stream in 2023 are as follows:

Internal (SA) consultations with stakeholders/
social partners
December 2022
1st Employment Working Group meeting
21-24 February 2023
BRICS Network of Labour Research Institute
21-24 February 2023
2nd Employment Working group meeting
9-12 May 2023
3rd Employment Working group meeting
19 June 2023
3rd Employment Working group meeting Labour
& Employment Ministers' Meeting
20-23 September 2023

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