Project 1

The first phase expansion of the ROMPCO pipeline via a Compressor Station in Komatipoort was completed in 2010. The Komatipoort Compressor Station increased the pipeline capacity from 120 MGJ/a to 136 MGJ/a design capacity.

Project 2

Two further developments have been completed to increase the throughput capacity of the Mozambique Secunda Pipeline (MSP) by constructing parallel loop lines in phases. The Phase 1, 128km Loop Line 1 construction was completed in 2014, while the 128km Loop Line 2 construction for Phase 2 commenced in 2015 with completion early 2017.

Project 3

The ROMPCO Loop Line 2 is a 26″ buried steel pipeline, located between Scraper Trap Station 1 (STS-01) and STS-02 in Mozambique. While Loop Line 1 is located between the Central Processing Facility (CPF), in Temane, and STS-01. Through these expansions, the MSP capacity was increased 205 MGJ/a design capacity.

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